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We build internet Radio Stations

To start an internet radio station in South Africa or elsewhere in the world can be quite overwhelming.
There are so many questions that needs to be answered; so many options to choose from.
Different countries, have different rules; however most have similar things to deal with.

Here follows a few questions you need answered before you can start your own internet radio station:

  • What computer and operating system do I need?
  • What size hard drive (for data, music and programs) do I need?
  • What about my own internet service provider, speed and bandwidth?
  • Do I need to install special special software to operate the station?
  • Can I run the station from my computer or do I need to run the station from a cloud server?
  • Who do I use?
  • Do I go Shoutcast or Icecast
  • How do I record or broadcast programs?
  • Where do I get the music from?
  • What about a broadcasting license?
  • Do I need to pay royalties and to whom?
  • Do I need a website, Facebook page, etc; who can help me with this?
  • Who can I ask for advise?

These are only a few of the questions you need to answer. Believe me – there are many more.

  • What does it cost (budget)? – Our prices to you
  • …R 15 000 – Start from (Setup; Broadcasting software and Cloud activation)
  • …R 25 000 – Including above: Logo, Facebook, x6pg Radio ACTIVE/Responsive Website with players
  • …R 39 000 – Including above: 20 hours online training and support
  • …R 20 000 – Optional/Additional: Database of approx. 13 000 music tracks/songs (as is)

  • ….Not included in the above prices::
    …a) Monthly internet/cloud fees to service providers not included in prices
    …b) Your own internet service provider not included above
    …c) Royalties to authorities/bodies for music played on air
    …d) Although we can assist, above prices do not include any studio hard/software you may require
    (R 35 000 Budget cost (additional): Intro Studio recording software, sound card, 2 microphone/ mike stands, 2 headphones, mixer, low noise cables)

Click HERE to view an existing Internet Radio Website and player:
Click HERE to view another Internet Radio Website and player
We are able to set up your internet radio station for you.
We are operating from Cape Town, South Africa (but can help you any where in SA, or the world)
To find out more contact us:

  • email: info@plgroup.co.za
  • tel: 082 462 5184

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